ASTROFAES from Kharkiv Ukraine formed in 1996. They have released six full-length albums, one EP and three demos and had numerous tours / shows throughout Eastern Europe.

ASTROFAES play intense pagan black metal which focuses on heathenism, nationalism, pagan heritage, and nature. Their music ranges from fast and aggressive blackmetal with eerie chord structures and dissonant melodies to melodic folk inspired symphonic black metal. While ASTROFAES shares key members with notable bands Drudkh, Hate Forest and many others, they maintain their own unique sound and style.

In late 2009 Negative Existence officially released the ASTROFAES DVD entitled "Live Hate". The 66 minute DVD will highlight shows from 2004 in Kiev (UA), Moscow (RU) and Minsk (BY).

In 2010 Negative Existence rereleased "Dying Emotions Domain" & "Eyes of the Beast" on deluxe digi CD format.

Thurios - Guitar, vocals (Drudkh, Hate Forest, Kladovest)
Krechet - Bass (Drudkh)
Amorth - Drums (Drudkh, Lucifugum, Thunderkraft, Underdark, Lutomysl, Svyatogor)

Ad Infinitum Demo, 1996
The Attraction: Heavens & Earth (live) Demo, 1997
The Attraction: Heavens and Earth Demo, 1997
Dying Emotions Domain Full-length, 1998
The Eyes of the Beast Full-length, 2000
Ancestors' Shadows Full-length, 2002
Heritage Full-length, 2002
Those Whose Past is Immortal Full-length, 2005
Idea. Form. Essence Full-length, 2007
Shu Nun EP, 2008
Live Hate DVD, 2009


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